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Laurence and Gilles Laurendon et al. – From Scratch.


From Scratch:  An Introduction to French Breads, Cheeses, Preserves, Pickles, Charcuterie, Condiments, Yogurts, Sweets, and More – Laurence and Gilles Laurendon, Catherine Quevremont, and Cathy Ytak (2014, Lark, Sterling Publishing, New York)

This is one of those cookbooks that I knew I must have as soon as I cracked it open.  It’s beautiful, for one, but it’s not just the photographs – it’s also in the way the recipes are presented, even right down to the fonts, which are fancy but easy on the eyes.  Of course, it’s all about the recipes, however – and these are right up my alley.  I’ve wanted to try making my own soft cheeses for some time now, and the mascarpone recipe is first up for me.  I can’t believe how easy this looks!  And forget how intimidating making brioche seems – it IS possible with the recipes in From Scratch.  You want to make beef, vegetable, or chicken bouillon?  Can do.  What about grow your own sprouts?  Yep.  Make the perfect lemon curd?  Infused butters, compound oils?  Fresh pasta?  Garlic bread?  It’s all here, and more.   A must-have compilation for the home cook.

My cooking class: preserving basics.

My Cooking Class:  Preserving Basics (77 Recipes Illustrated Step By Step) – Jody Vassallo (2011, Firefly Books Ltd., Ontario)

My Cooking Class is a series of themed cookbooks, unique for the way that they are photographed and the recipes are presented:  overhead shots illustrate how individual ingredients are combined and prepared to yield the final product, and the instructions to follow are printed in very exacting and simple sentences at the bottom of each page.  The effect gives the reader the sense that they are attending a cooking-class-in-a-book, and presumably makes the recipes far more accessible and easy to create.  Continue reading