Andy Weir – Artemis.


Artemis – Andy Weir (2017, Broadway Books, New York)

I had such fun reading Andy Weir’s first book The Martian, and it was just as much of a romp reading Artemis.  Even if you’re not a typical reader of science fiction, you’ll enjoy the entertainment value in Weir’s work – the science is palatable and light (but hardly forgotten!) and the sassy, smart, strong protagonists are just as flawed as we need them to be.  In Artemis, Jasmine “Jazz” Bashara is a smuggler on the titular moon colony.  Lured by the promise of a big payout, Jazz gets in way over her head when a juicy contract proves deadly, and she needs to use both brains and brawn (and enlist the help of some unlikely allies) to…well…stop the bad guys from doing really nasty things to the moon and its residents.  This is a good old fashioned mystery with an extremely well-crafted and planned exotic setting and a clever (and at times, hilarious) first person narrator: a delightful, cozy combination.

2 thoughts on “Andy Weir – Artemis.

  1. Laurie Graves May 11, 2019 at 7:50 am

    Thanks for the recommendation! This will be coming into our house soon, either via interlibrary loan or as a present for my husband.

  2. Sheryl @ Flowery Prose May 15, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    It’s a romp of a read, very entertaining! I hope you and Clif enjoy it!

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