Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl.


Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (2012, Broadway Books, New York)

I managed to read Gone Girl without the experience being ruined by spoilers of any kind:  I didn’t watch the movie or read any reviews or talk to anyone eager to divulge the plot.  So the big plot twist was a surprise to me, like it was intended.  Too bad I was so disappointed when it came, as the first part of the novel is smack-you-hard-between-the-eyes brilliant.  The rest of it is…well…meh.  But it didn’t stop me from ripping through this psychologically-loopy thriller about a marriage gone sour – and I mean, really, really murderously sour.  As I found with Flynn’s first novel Sharp Objects, I pretty much hated the flawed, unredeemable behaviour and personalities of the main characters, and there were entire chapters that could have been easily hacked away without compromising any bit of the story – but Flynn’s relentless pacing was certainly engaging.


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