Moira Young – Rebel Heart.


Rebel Heart:  Dust Lands 2 – Moira Young (2012, Doubleday Canada)

There’s a lot of tension in Rebel Heart.  The characters in this sequel to the violent, tumultuous Blood Red Road barrel down the same path as in the first novel, with tough-talking, bow-wielding Angel of Death Saba and her misfit collection of family and friends going up against the Tonton, a creepy cult intent on remaking a post-apocalyptic world.  Saba is in hot pursuit (see what I did there?) of her lover Jack, which angers her brother Lugh and endangers everyone, but Saba doesn’t care.  Rebel heart, remember?  This is all well and good until Saba then pulls a stunt which is so confounding I’m still trying to work it out.  I get plot twists, but this one isn’t only a doozy, it’s a total game-changer.  As in…should I even bother reading the next book?

Yeah, I probably will.  The hugely redeeming quality of these stories is Saba’s voice.  Young has taken incredible care to give her heroine a unique, consistent manner of speech and thought, and it really outshines any creakiness I’m feeling regarding the plot.

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