Natalie Bernhisel Robinson – Living Wreaths.


Living Wreaths:  20 Beautiful Projects for Gifts and Décor – Natalie Bernhisel Robinson (2014, Gibbs Smith, Utah)

You’ve probably seen scads of stuff like this on Pinterest – metal frames filled with soil, moss and succulents or other durable plants,  living art that you can hang on your door to welcome visitors.  I’m not in the least bit crafty, so you won’t find me building one anytime soon, but Robinson does an excellent job of making the process accessible to everyone in this easy how-to book.  I’m just in it for the eye candy, though – some of my favourites include wreaths made from colourful varieties of lettuce (yes, you read that right – why not?), strawberries, tomatoes, spider plants, and a beautiful mix of ivies.  You can even learn how to make a wreath from cacti, for use as a centrepiece on the dinner table…just be careful when you’re passing the peas.


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