Nick Cutter – The Deep.


The Deep – Nick Cutter (2015, Gallery Books, New York)

So…in Nick Cutter’s The Deep, we find the human race beset with a horrible disease that causes everyone to forget (everything – even basic survival instincts) and no one can figure out how to cure it until a brilliant but psychopathic scientist finds something at the bottom of the ocean that offers hope to humanity.  When a distress signal surfaces from the undersea research base, his estranged brother, a veterinarian with a bunch of skeletons in the closet, is sent down to try to figure out what is going on.  Cool premise, huh?  Remember it, because this book isn’t what it seems…and if you go in, be prepared.  Cutter plumbs the depths (see what I did there?) of depravity and offers up what amounts to a total gorefest.   I was left wishing for something a bit “deeper.”


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