Fiona Pearce – Treat Petites.




Treat Petites: Tiny Sweets and Savory Pleasures – Fiona Pearce (2014, Sterling Epicure, New York)
Treat Petites is indeed a treat! Tiny sweet and savoury bites are the feature in this gorgeous cookbook – you’ll find everything from miniature madeleines, sponges, meringues, and cookies, to cupcakes and eclairs and a whole chapter using puff pastry to make the most amazing appies. Although nearly all of the recipes in this book require more skill in the decorating department than I’ll ever have, Pearce at least makes the baking part seem easy. She begins each chapter with a couple of base recipes (ie: sugar cookie dough, chocolate ganache, choux pastry), then offers beautiful variations using the primary recipes. The idea is that if you can master the base recipe, the others are a breeze. I am daunted by the decorating, however – I suspect any Rose Religieuses I make will come out looking like nothing more than lumpy pink blobs, rather than the floral masterpieces Pearce displays.

The Most Outstanding: Chocolate Cups with Mango Mousse, Mini Mille-Feuilles with Elderflower Cream, Gilded Caramel Shortbread Squares (with edible gold dust!), and Lemon Domes with Pink Grapefruit Syrup. Ones I Am Going to Try: Coffee Bean Cookies (these are amazing – they are the exact size of real coffee beans and look just like them) and Pesto Pinwheels.


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