Jeyn Roberts – Dark Inside.



Dark Inside – Jeyn Roberts (2011, Simon & Schuster, New York)

I initially picked up this book because I noticed that it was a post-apocalypse novel partly set in Banff, Alberta, which is practically in my backyard.   I was extremely pleased to find that it’s a rip-roaring, action-packed end of the world tale, with a new delicious take on mind-control, death and mayhem.

When earthquakes unleash an Evil force in the world, no one is safe.  Running for their lives, a small group of teens struggle to survive when everything and everyone they formerly knew has been destroyed – or worse, turned into murderous entities called Baggers.  This could be your average movie script-style story with stereotypical characterization and a focus on blood and gore and horror, but, to my delight, it’s not.  Mason, Michael, Aries and Clementine are well-wrought, full of depth and individuality – and each one has enough face-time that the reader gets sufficiently emotionally attached.  Factor in the Nothing, which you can’t quite make out, and the enigmatic Daniel, who you REALLY can’t figure out, and you’ve got a classy selection of POVs, mysteries, and fodder for a heckuva good sequel.  Rage Within is already at the top of my To Read NOW list.


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