Book review: Les petits macarons.

Les petits macarons – Kathryn Gordon & Anne E. McBride (2011, Running Press Book Publishers, PA)

It’s been a dream of mine to turn out cute and perfect French macarons with yummy fillings.  So when I saw this adorable book with its mouth-watering photos, pretty fonts, and step-by-step instructions, I had to get my hands on it. 

Starting out with the history of macarons (they were probably brought to France in the 1500’s by Catherine de’Medici) and progressing into an anatomy lesson (I’m not kidding – did you know these pretty confections have “skin” and “feet”?!) and a detailed photographic list of all the equipment and techniques necessary, the meat of the book contains four base recipes and an insanely huge, drool-worthy list of fillings.  You can go citrusy with Lemon Curd or Key Lime with Marshmallow, chocolately with Cocoa and Red Velvet, or does Pistachio Buttercream or Chai suit you better?   More complex fillings include Apricot-Ginger-Chocolate-Caramel (can you IMAGINE?), Anise Ice Milk, and Strawberry-Guava Pâte de Fruit.  And if you want more savoury than sweet, there’s Chicken Mole, Thai-Chile Peanut, and Duck Confit with Port and Fig (which may be a bit much, as far as my palate is concerned!).

So, have I made any macarons yet?  Um, no.  It’s still a dream.  Truth is, I remain a bit daunted…I mean, what if I don’t employ the macaronner technique properly or the foot doesn’t achieve a good set?  Still, when I finally get over my fear, this will definitely be the book I turn to!  Until then, it’s amazing eye candy.


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