Book review: I’ve Got Your Number.

I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella (2012, The Dial Press, New York)

Kinsella’s Shopaholic series makes me giggle – sometimes you just have to read books so lighthearted and entertaining that the whole world goes away while you’re doing it.  While I’ve Got Your Number is not a Shopaholic novel, it runs down the same path:  you have a well-meaning, instantly likeable heroine who just can’t help getting herself into all sorts of scrapes, each one escalating (and tickling the funnybone) as she navigates bumpy romantic seas.  

In I’ve Got Your Number, the heroine is Poppy Wyatt, a physiotherapist about to marry Magnus Tavish, the man of her dreams.  Trouble is, his intellectual family is making Poppy feel insecure and fearful…and to top it all off, she’s somehow managed to lose her engagement ring – a priceless Tavish heirloom.  As Poppy frantically tries to find her ring, a sort of silly (but necessary) plot device contrives to allow Poppy access to the cell phone of an employee who has recently quit the high-powered White Globe Consulting Group.   Thus begins her crazy back-and-forth with executive businessman Sam Roxton, with text messages flying between them.  As Poppy moves forward with her wedding plans with Magnus, her involvement with Sam and his company grows (there’s a convincing subplot concerning a corporate takeover) and so do her feelings for him.   Of course!  It’s predictable, but so warm and sweet and funny you can’t help but smile as you go along for the ride.   The only thing that sort of bugged me was the use of footnotes – I know it’s a cheeky poke at the book-geek Tavish family, but it got tiresome by the end.   Cute, but detracting.



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