Kitchen scraps.

Kitchen Scraps:  A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook  – Pierre A. Lamielle (2009, Whitecap Books, Vancouver)

Who ever heard of a cookbook that makes you repeatedly laugh out loud, with the sort of whole-hearted guffaws that come from deep within the belly? 

Well, now you have.  This is it.  This is, hands down, the funniest cookbook you’ll ever read.  And, in case you’re wondering, it is also full of some pretty neat recipes.  Some of it looks like the sort of gourmand stuff that most of us wouldn’t touch – but somehow, here, it all seems really, really accessible and easy.  And then there are those awesome illustrations….

Deliberately bereft of a Table of Contents or Index, the recipes are categorized (loosely) as “Food You Eat with a Spoon,” “Food You Eat with a Fork,” “Food You Eat with a Forkenknife,” and “Food You Eat With a Hand,” so you really have to pore through the whole book and giggle every time you search for a recipe, which is totally the point.  The whole thing is just too much fun:  you have several ways to do oatmeal, a riff on the Goldilocks story; the mob-inspired risotto series; and a religious take on eggs benny that will have you in stitches (as well as teach you how to make gravlax).   There are pestos and latkes and burgers and burritos, as well as an uproarious bit about deliberately lighting food on fire (think creme brulee and then use your imagination).  You’ll laugh so hard you’ll need to go make yourself something to eat in order to replenish all the calories you’ve just burned off.

Now, ‘scuse me, I’m off to conquer the “Vampire Slayer’s Garlic-Laced Chicken.”  After I stop giggling, that is.


To my delight, Lamielle writes and illustrates a weekly column in Calgary’s Swerve magazine.  You can check it out in the Eats + Drinks section. 


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