Heat rises.

Richard Castle – Heat Rises (Hyperion, New York, 2011)

Okay, if you read this blog, you already know I’m a fan of “Castle” so it sorta goes without saying that I may be slightly biased when reviewing books that go along with the TV show.  *gush* I have loved the whole Nikki Heat series so far and Heat Rises is no exception – the writing is tight and clever and the story is packed with action and sex and, of course, murder. 

When a priest is murdered in an S&M club, it’s up to New York cop extraordinaire Nikki Heat and detectives Ochoa and Raley to come up with a suspect and a motive.  It’s not an easy task, though – the closer Nikki gets to finding the key to the priest’s death, the more complicated (and dangerous) things get.  Facing death at every turn, Nikki uncovers uncomfortable clues that lead her to suspect her mentor and friend, Captain Montrose, of some involvement in the case, and suddenly her job and huge promotion are threatened.  With the body count piling up, Nikki turns to her lover, internationally-acclaimed journalist Jameson Rook, for assistance, and the two embark on a little unsanctioned crime-fighting. 

It’s no real stretch, but it’s oh-so-much fun, and highly entertaining.  It brilliantly mirrors and complements the TV show.  It’s chockful of delicious insider stuff (including some fabulous references to “Castle” lead actor Nathan Fillion’s hugely popular role on a teeny weeny itty bitty show called “Firefly”), but if you’re not watching the show, I guess you can just gloss over all of that.  It doesn’t affect the plot, it just thrills us fans to no end.  BUT… that leads to another question, however:  exactly why aren’t you watching the show?


Oh, and if you ARE watching the show, then you know that Derrick Storm is the protagonist of a series of books by Richard Castle – and Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick have created a graphic novel based on Storm’s adventures.   Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm was released in September 2011 and I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy.   Has anyone out there read it?  Please post your thoughts for me!


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